About UEMS

Urban Environment Management Society (UEMS), a non government organization established in 2002, is dedicated to people-centered urban development and striving to contribute for better living environment through efforts for sustainable development. UEMS supports urban and sub urbs population, especially marginalized communities through its work in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), Waste Management (WM), Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Managemnt (DRM), Health, Child Protection and Resilient Livelihoods.
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Community Managed Water treatment and distribution system in Kathmandu Valley- Phase II" project is formally started with the kick off workshop dated on 11th June, 019. The project

Improvement of Wells/ sources and establishment of community managed water bottling/ distribution system in Kathmandu Valley Project. The traditional stone spouts and the dug-wells were the major

Siddhipur .Shree Siddhi Mangal Secondary School in Siddhipur-6, Mahalaxmi Municipality, Lalitpur was affected by the earthquake which disturbed the education of 522 students. Urban Environment Ma

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